Monday, June 22, 2009

Valley Metro Rail: A preview look from the front (part 1)

Prior to the grand opening of the Phoenix Valley Metro Rail system last December, I had been able to take two test train rides. During one of those rides, I shot video from the "railfan" window in the front. During the shuffle of a very busy video shop working on various roller derby related projects, I thought I had lost this video footage.

While starting another project, I discovered which computer I offloaded the video on. Therefore, this video was safe and sound. I have put together a very quick and dirty video of the footage shot going westbound from Van Buren & Central (VBCN) and Osborn and Central (OSCN) stations.

I have video all the way up to Montebello (MO19) and some video coming back east to Van Buren & 1st Avenue (VB1). I will release that later.

This video does not have any sound as there was a lot of in-car conversations taking place and is not necessarily relevant to the video at hand. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Tony said...

Nice video and great perspective - gives you an idea of what the train operator goes through on a daily basis. I know driving a car is similar, but carrying dozens of passengers aboard a light rail train the size of a whale changes the game a little :) Oh, and I like the safety message mid point.