Thursday, June 11, 2009

KRXQ: Rob, Arnie and Dawn broadcast on in response to trans youth comments

or download MP3 directly: krxq-20090611.mp3 (17MB, 16/22, mono)

This is an aircheck from KRXQ Sacramento on June 11, 2009. On this 2 hour 30 minute show, the personalities reflect on the events of the past week after a broadcast where those in the GLBT community stated that condoned child abuse and intolerance to the plight of transgender youth.

While the beginning of the show gave the appearance of backpeddling on the show host's part, I feel that overall, the show was very informative and included many guests who have experience with transgender youth.

For me personally, this show brought to closure some recent memories that I had of being abused myself as a child for expressing my femininity.

Just know this, organizations like GLAAD are not out to "change" people but they are out there to educate. Not just the general public but also the corporations who also proudly serve the GLBT community.

Normally, I do not use for making positions on GLBT issues, but since this one directly involved using the mass media to express intolerance towards a minority group, I felt it was appropriate to take action.

I am personally doing OK. I thank you for your thoughts.


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