Sunday, February 01, 2009

My recommendations for some Phoenix service cuts

Here's a brief route by route recommendation for the City of Phoenix for route specific service cuts as a result of the sales tax shortage. Specifically, we need to assure that pre-2000 service levels remain in the core system. I am going mainly after Sunday services, especially those on the half mile streets like Roosevelt, Roeser, 28th Street and even 15th Avenue. Again, these are recommendations only.

0. Shorten peak-hour "shuttle" trips to only operate betwen Central Station and Baseline Rd with a branch and turnaround at Jesse Owens Medical Center. This will reduce equipment requirements and address ongoing neighborhood issues south of Dobbins.

1. No changes recommended.

3. On Sundays, run all eastbound trips on the 48th Street branch. Service west of 48th Street including the zoo discontinued on Sundays. On Sundays, passengers can transfer to Route 1 at 44th Street & Washington to reach the zoo.

3A. Renumber to 4.

7. Discontinue route 7 Limited service. Limited stop services are more needed in other areas of Phoenix.

8. No changes recommended.

10. On Sundays, discontinue service east of Central Station due to 30 minute service duplication a half-mile away on routes 3 & 70. On Sundays, continue to operate hourly service west of Central Station as an interline with Route 27.

12. Discontinue Sunday service. 30 minute half mile duplication on routes 7 and 16.

13. Operate two way service between 67th Avenue and Buckeye and 67th Avenue and Lower Buckeye via 75th Avenue. At 67th Avenue & Lower Buckeye, interline with Route 13. This is intended to improve the service experience and eliminate a 1/3 mile walk from Buckeye and Grant to transfer between 13 and 67 to continue via 67th Avenue.

15. Operate route between Montebello Station and 19th Avenue and Dunlap as limited stop service that emulates light rail service in this area. All stops will be made between 19th & Dunlap and Metrocenter as well as all points south of Montebello Station. Sunday service discontinued south of Montebello due to half mile duplication. Sunday service to Sky Harbor should be examined. If a bus is still warranted, extend hourly Sunday trips on Route 40 to Central Station. On Saturdays and Sundays, improve headway to every 30 minutes north of Montebello Station.

16. Combine with Route 80 to form a single route. Passengers needing to travel north of Northern (to Sunnyslope) can transfer to routes 0, 8 and 12.

17. No changes recommended.

17A. Renumber to 18.

19. No changes recommended.

23. New route number for an Encanto & Thomas (Avondale) service. Replaces route 29A and portions of MARY.

29. Take several peak hour trips and convert them to limited stop service assuring that 20 minute headway is kept on the trunk for local trips.

29A. Extended to Encanto & 51st Avenue replacing portions of MARY. Renumbered 23.

30. No changes recommended.

32. No changes recommended.

35. No changes recommended.

39. On Saturday and Sunday, discontinue service south of Paradise Valley Mall. Connection replaced by Route 44. Weekend short Route 39 trips interlined with Route 186 at Mayo Hospital.

40. On Sundays, extend hourly trips to Central Station replacing portions of Route 15.

41. No changes recommended.

41A. Extend to Campbell & 51st Avenue replacing portions of MARY. Renumber to 46.

43. No changes recommended.

44. No changes recommended.

45. No changes recommended.

50. Extend to Desert Sky Mall via 75th Avenue replacing portions of MARY.

51. No changes recommended.

52. Discontinue service on Sundays, half mile duplication.

56. No changes recommended.

60. On Sundays, shorten east terminal to 24th St. & Camelback. (Old route 60 layover)

61. No changes recommended.

67. Extend south to Lower Buckeye. Interline with Route 13.

70. No changes recommended.

80. Combine with Route 16 to form a single service. Discontinue service to Sunnyslope (see route 16)

90. No changes recommended.

106. No changes recommended.

122. On Sundays, discontinue service south of Metrocenter due to half mile duplication. Interline Sunday service with 15.

138. No changes recommended.

154. No changes recommended.

170. No changes recommended.

186. Interlined with Route 39 on weekends.

400. (SR-51) No changes recommended.

450. (I-10-E) No changes recommended.

460. (I-10-W) Add reverse commute trips timed approximately every 30 to 60 minutes using deadheading resoruces. Reverse commute trips would originate and terminate at Central Station in Downtown.

480. (I-17) Add reverse commute trips between Central Station and Metrocenter approximately every 30 to 60 minutes using deadheading resources of 400 and 480.

581. No changes recommended.

582. No changes recommended.

590. No changes recommended.

ALEX. Eliminate Sunday service.

DASH. No changes recommended.

DART. Reduce weekday and Saturday service to a single direction loop. Eliminate Sunday service.

DEER RUN. Reduce Saturday and Sunday service to every 60 minutes. Review Sunday ridership for eventual elimination.

MARY. Eliminate service. Replaced by portons of routes 23 (29A), 46 (41A) and 50.