Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The power of peer coaching

Well, today was Day 3 of the training class. I am now starting to notice that some of my Qwest skills/habits are trickling over into this job.

I am picking up the material pretty fast and have been able to get a grip on the computer system. As a long time United passenger and flyergeek, it's going to take time for me to learn the US Airways booking code pecking order because there's some significant differences.

Anyway, I have found myself involved in peer-coaching. This means where I have been able to build the trust of other people in the same class who have received the same amount of training and I have been able to help them in areas of the training where they need help or are not understanding.

I believe that a training class is a team. There is no competition here. The objective is that the trainee is able to understand the material and pass all mandatory tests. If there's anything I can do to encourage peer coaching or "study buddies", then I will. The training team is supportive of this.

Hmmm.. maybe all of those years of office visits and deskside coaching is going to help here. Cross your fingers!